My priorities

Defending the middle class and entrepreneurs

As a Conservative I want to do my part to support the ingenuity of my fellow Canadians to drive the economy and create good jobs; and I want to do what I can to stop big government from getting in their way. My disillusionment with the current Liberal government’s high tax, anti-business, big spending ways has encouraged me to run for office.

As a business lawyer serving primarily small and medium sized businesses, I have seen firsthand what unfair taxation is doing to entrepreneurs who would love nothing more than to grow their businesses and hire more people. But the current Liberal government calls them tax cheats and is making life less affordable. I have built a law practice helping entrepreneurs in achieving their dreams and goals. My clients are risk-takers who are willing to put everything on the line to grow profitable businesses, who are willing to pay their fair share of taxes, but who are frustrated with the current government’s anti-business bias. We need a government that will help these job creators get their confidence back.

Free trade

As a Conservative, I want to do my part to return confidence to our economy and institutions. I have seen firsthand how an overly burdensome regulatory regime gets in the way of job creation. Many of my clients work in multiple jurisdictions across this great country, but sometimes Canada feels to them more like a loose coalition separate, competing economies.

Under the previous Conservative government, Canada made good headway with international free trade agreements, but the current Liberal government continues to falter on that file; it has not even advanced free trade between provinces.

In this competitive global economy Canada can - and must - do better, both at home and abroad. Let’s start with getting our own house in order. I am optimistic that under good leadership Canada will be a strong and united country. This has encouraged me to run for office as part of the Scheer team!

Getting our resources to market

As a Conservative, I want to do my part to get Canada back on track with meaningful work. Remember Mr. Trudeau’s claim that “Canada is back”? Sadly, his government has demonstrated incompetence on files that would move forward interprovincial mega-projects to get our natural resource markets up to full capacity.

Every country in the world that is rich in natural resources figures out a way to get their wealth to tide water and to command world prices. Yet Canada continues to sell our crude oil at sharp discounts to its one customer who, of course, can dictate the price. This needs to stop.

Canada needs to send a strong message to the global economy: We are open for business. Trudeau’s empty promises are not enough. I am running for office on the vision for a Canada that can compete in world markets and take a backseat to no one!


Sadly, protesting pipelines has become a proxy for fighting climate change. Pipelines will not only let Canada compete fairly in world markets; they will also go a long way to reducing risks inherent in shipping by rail. Oil pipelines are the safest, cheapest and greenest way to get oil to international and domestic markets. And for the Lower Mainland, twinning the existing Trans Mountain Pipeline will go a long way to moderating retail prices,reducing the wild swings we have been experiencing this year.

In the midst of the SNC Lavalin scandal, Mr. Trudeau expressed deep concern about potentially loosing 5000 jobs in Montreal, while 100,000 actual jobs disappeared in Alberta’s oil patch. He and his ministers often say that the environment and the economy can work together, yet their anti-business bias drives business away. I am running for office because I want to bring confidence back to Canada’s resource development industry.

A real plan to protect our environment

The Conservative Party understands that climate change is one of the big challenges facing this generation, but we also acknowledge that the fight must be global in scope. Canada represents only a small fraction of total global emissions, but with the ingenuity and entrepreneurial instincts of its people, it can show leadership in bringing new technologies to market to reduce consumption and improve emissions. Let that be our key contribution to fighting climate change.

Let's fight global emissions with Canadian technologies, products and practices so that we can all make a difference. Andrew Scheer’s real plan to protect our environment presents a challenging but realistic plan for Canada to show leadership in fighting climate change without making life less affordable for Canadians. That is why I am excited to be running for Parliament under the Conservative banner in 2019!

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